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What If I Want to Keep the House?

Sometimes it makes sense for one of you to keep the house. You may want your children to stay in a house that is familiar or may be the best location for you. Whatever the reason, it is important to be fully informed before agreeing on a distribution of assets. Keep your house for the right reasons. Know what you owe and know what you own. Divorce is stressful enough without discovering later you are not able to qualify for a refinanced mortgage or upcoming repair costs make the house unaffordable. Keep your house if you are aware of the risks and you are comfortable with those risks. I will help you assess those risks to make an informed decision.

What If We Decide to Sell the House?

If you are going through a divorce in Texas, then you will usually need to divide your joint property. The biggest shared asset for most divorcing couples will be their house, which means that the property will sometimes need to be valued and sold during the divorce process. It is important to seek legal advice on how to divide your property during a divorce so that your rights are protected. You should also ensure that you choose an experienced Realtor® if you decide to sell your house during a divorce.

If you decide to sell your house immediately or at some point in the future, then you will need to find an experienced Realtor® to guide you through the process. Having a reliable Realtor® can be particularly important when you are selling property during a divorce as it can be harder for you to manage the process yourselves.

Realtors® Specializing in Divorce

The best way to ensure that you get the support you need when you are selling the house during divorce is to find a Realtor® who has plenty of experience in this area. Although the process of selling your house during a divorce will be very similar to selling at any other time, there are some extra factors to consider. It is important for you and your ex-partner to be aware of these and it is also a good idea to make your Realtor® aware of the divorce so they can provide the appropriate support and advice.

One of the biggest potential problems for divorcing couples selling a house is agreeing on offers in a timely manner. You could risk losing buyers if you take too much time to respond because you have to check everything with your ex-partner. It is important to talk about your expectations and to agree on your asking price and negotiating strategy early in the process of selling your house.

Quick Sale

Another important factor when you are selling your house during a divorce is that you will often need to arrange a quick sale. You and your ex-partner will want to settle the divorce as soon as possible. You may also need the proceeds from the sale in order for each of you to move on to your new houses. It is important to discuss the need for a quick sale with your Realtor® so that they can take the right approach to finding the best buyer for you.

An experienced Realtor® will be aware of these issues and how to support you through the process of selling a house while you are divorcing. Choosing the right Realtor® is the best way to ensure that selling your house during a divorce is as simple and stress-free as possible. You will have a trustworthy, experienced Realtor® to provide reliable advice on the sales process and to ensure you get the best price for your property during a divorce.